How it works

Champion Life is a curriculum-aligned health and physical education resource. It’s designed to complement and enhance your school’s current programs.

Our digital platform integrates mini-activities, virtual mentoring and wellbeing check-ins. It acts as a positive intervention to boost students’ physical and mental wellbeing.

Designed to be powerfully simple, you can use it during regular classroom activities, whenever it works best for you and your students.

Using Champion Life is easy

All you need is just ten minutes, a tablet and an interactive whiteboard.

Build healthy habits, one day at a time

Student wellbeing is now recognised as crucial to learning and emotional development. We know that wellbeing can influence a student’s ability to learn in class, make responsible choices and build positive relationships.

Champion Life is a unique web-based platform that helps schools strengthen the mental and physical wellbeing of their students.

The program brings together three simple ideas — movement, mentoring and monitoring.

One positive day at a time, Champion Life facilitates the development of lifelong healthy habits.


Follow-along videos make movement fun and create positive associations with physical activity.



Activities are presented by relatable role models who students can relate to.


Wellbeing check-ins provide real-time data for teachers and principals about how students feel.

By combining these ideas, Champion Life provides a powerful positive intervention. Schools and students gain knowledge and tools to strengthen mental and physical wellbeing.

Easy for teachers, game-changing for students

Improve the mental and physical health of your students in under 10 minutes a day.

Once you’re set up, daily videos will arrive in your inbox. Then, use Champion Life in just 3 simple steps:

Ask students to rate their mood using emojis in the Wellbeing Monitor.

Play the Body Set video and ask your class to follow along.

Ask students to
rate their mood again.

  • Many teachers see results using the program just three times a week.
  • Some find it so easy, they use it every day.
  • Over 80% of students notice that their mood improves after physical activity. Incredible!

Be proactive with real-time data

The Wellbeing Monitor is an invaluable tool for school staff. The check-in tab on the teacher’s dashboard shows an overview of each child’s emotional wellbeing over the week, term or year.

This data can also be collated and mapped so teachers and school leaders can discover trends over time and across year levels.

The Wellbeing Monitor is an early intervention tool, alerting you when a student consistently reports poor wellbeing so you can proactively provide appropriate support.

Image of report for class wellbeing data